Official Kittyville Hat - Free Pattern

Official Kittyville Hat - Free Pattern
The photo above © MiniLaura 
What beautiful hat knitting pattern! I found it on Pinterest...
These hats are the bastard children of the Lil’ Devil Baby Hat that I featured on my Web site. Kittyville is an online hodgepodge that I started in 1997 to present my somewhat off-center interests to the rest of the world. I love getting feedback and questions from faraway places, and I got so many requests for an adult version of the Lil’ Devil Baby Hat that I adapted it to fit grown-ups. It naturally evolved into the Kitty hat, which is the official headgear for Kittyville. I like to imagine people wearing it to surf my site, like a kid putting on a Captain Video helmet to watch his favorite show. You can omit the ears or horns and add your own kind of ornamentation: pom-poms, tassels, ponytails. Or just go minimal - with this basic hat shape, the possibilities are endless.

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