Midsummer Mittens - Free Pattern

Midsummer Mittens - Free Pattern
The photo above © Cherubin
What beautiful knitting mittens (free pattern)! I found it on Ravelry.
When the weather is cold, my hands need mittens. Whipping those mittens on and off to get at some spare change, use my transit pass, turn a page, or fiddle with my coat zipper can be awkward, especially when my hands are already full. Gloves are more convenient, but they aren’t as warm. These fingerless mitts with a removable mitten enclosure not only keep my hands and fingers warm as toast but when I need my fingertips to be free, I can do that without removing the entire mitt. Since I anticipate that the mitten top will be in use the majority of the time, I designed it to lie flat when it’s off. There’s no i-cord loop or button to get snagged on anything. These gloves also accommodate my larger-than-average fingers by increasing slightly from the wrist to the knuckles. The measurements contained in this pattern are simply a guide. The good thing about knitting your own gloves is that you can (and should!) customize them for your own hands.

Download Pattern: Midsummer Mittens

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