Party Triangle Stole - Free Knitting Pattern

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Combined with Kid Merino to add a little fibery texture

3-50 gr. ball of  PARTY #408 (Red Orchid) nylon ribbon yarn
1-25 gr. ball of Kid Merino #4674  (lacquer red)
Size 17 - 26" circular needles CPY Bamboo Needles

[Note PARTY and Kid Merino are new yarns for Spring '05 and will arrive in Dec '04-Jan '05]

The entire Party + Kid Merino stole is knit in garter st (all rows knit) holding both yarns together with increases at regular intervals.

[Tip: since you will be increasing stitches only on one side of your knitting, it can be confusing to tell which side you are working in garter st. I loosely tied a bold, contrasting yarn through a stitch on the side for increasing and moved it up with my knitting.]

To knit stole: [hold both yarns tog throughout]
Cast on 3 sts
Row 1: K
Row 2: Inc 1, K, Inc 1 [5 sts]
Row 3: K
Row 4: K1, inc in next st, place marker, K1, place marker, inc in next st, K1 [7 sts]
Row 5 and all odd rows: Knit moving markers.
Row 6: Cont the inc as described for Row 4 on each side of center st on all even rows until there are 37 sts on needle = total of 18 sts on each side of single center st.

Next Even Row: Now begin to make 4 increases per row thus: Inc once in each of the 2 sts on each side of center markers, thus increasing 4 sts in the row. Continue this inc of 2 each side of center on all even rows until there are 73 sts on the needle (36 on each side of center st).

Next Even Row and all even rows: While continuing to inc 2 on each side of center st markers, also begin increasing one st each at beg and end of each even row 1 st from edge, thus increasing 6 sts in each row.

Continue with this 6 st/row inc on all even rows until there is only a small ball of yarn left - cast off loosely.

Tie the stolette at center or shoulder as shown, allowing the narrower pointed end to form a "collar" at the back.

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